Sustainable luxury Fashion -TDL with Love.
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Each handbag is handmade by our artisans with 473 cans rescued from the environment.
Even the smallest actions can have powerful impacts.


From our beginnings, we decided that we wanted to create pieces that people could have for a long time, something easily preserved through time and space. Succeeding in our goal has been anything but easy, that's the best part of our work. In this rapidly changing world, everything seems to hurry more as the years go by, we want our customers to go slowly and enjoy the trip. Our creations have a strong appeal of their own, we want to make sure that they last in our clients' closets and that they can enjoy them for more than one season.

Our art is handmade by artisans, recyclers and people deprived of liberty in our country, we are a sustainable design brand that works in favor of the most vulnerable sectors of Colombia, we are proud of supporting this population through our work.

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In our country, artisan women have tirelessly worked for years in order to preserve our traditions and culture. Their handcrafts provide them with an opportunity to make an income to support their homes. We have decided to leave a mark in the history of our country, our artisans and women deserve more opportunities so that their handcrafted pieces can be appreciated worldwide, as a result, their art pieces will have a better opportunity to access to globalized markets.

100% timeless pieces

of sustainable design, handmade by Colombian artisans

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